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 Kurt in Milpitas leaked "Awesome plumbing pics.  Almost as good as being here in person, without all the dust.  Are you started on the kitchen yet?"

John (my brother) asks "Your plumbing page looks really good -- but does it work?!?  (can you do laundry downstairs yet?)"

Someone at Advent (my brother's old company) was overwelmed when he wrote "Wow! What a web site!! That baby is the cutest thing since the Gerber Label!!. "

Tony in Berkeley was reminded of an inferior Home Improvment Experience (HIE) when he wrote "We didn't get to play with power tools and we sure as hell didn't get to saw holes in the hardwood floors."

Kathy in Berkeley used to say the "Spelling is atrocious", but now that I found a spell checker she says "Stylin'". Is that good? She also says "A vast improvement over your previous efforts" and "Much faster, too".

Joe in Saratoga screams "These pix are soooooo hot!!! I can't believe you're giving them away!".

Jackie in Seatle writes "I put a bookmark on your homepage. I think the pictures from the baby shower are GREAT!"

Bob Baylor [not me, really!] in Tualatin Oregon (near Portland) admitted that he "Liked your home page stuff" even though I [me, not the other Bob Baylor] am "the guy who 'swiped' my name". [I hope that was less confusing to read than it was to write.]

Anne in Oakland claims "I check this page first thing in the morning; it sets the tone of my day. Great pictures and very creative and amusing writing. "

Peter in San Rafael is absolutely correct when he says "I think your Page is one of the more interesting spots in an otherwise vastly overrated internet! ".

Bruce in New York says in "... a shameless attempt to weasel a quote on your web page" that "it really is pretty good." and "had us rolling on the floor here..." and, later, "we like that".

Jim in Sunnyvale says "What a waste of bandwidth... I don't think you have a link to Wandas bestiality page."

Lee in Bloomington writes "just spent an enjoyable half hour checking out your home page" and "mostly I thought it was funny".

Karina in San Jose calls it "absolute genius" and admitted it "touches me in a spot few men have found" and "the combination of wit and information was, however, almost too much for one web site alone".

Steve in San Diego queries "What were you guys looking for up in the sky?? " and "What does it cost to own a web page???".

Kurt in Menlo Park says "Awesome home page, Dude! (Cute little butt, too.) " and "Well, let's just say that I don't lack flow or pressure anymore! "

John in Berkeley says "The JPEG photo of the comet is a hoax. All the stars in the background show up as lines due to the earth's rotation but the comet is not widened the same way! Am I to believe that the comet is orbiting the earth as well as the sun???" and goes on with "We never landed on the moon! The X-Files is the truth! The fillings in my head are leaking time-release LSD! Buchanan/Perot in '97!! I'm not ranting -- you're the one ranting... "

Howard in San Jose says "Your new email link location is a big improvement... "

Rick in Foster City says " I am having an out-of-browser experience!"

Frances in Oakland says "... as long as there are no pictures of me, I'm glad... "

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