It's the 7th or 8th (who can remember?) annual Presidents' day hike!

Overlook near the beginning

Here we are, about half a mile into the hike. We're still fresh, and it hasn't started to rain. Just out of this photo is a sign that warns not to take the "short" way, directly down the hill - use the switch backs, instead. So, we did. Go ahead and download this vista of us at the beginning of the hike. (8k jpg called b4hike.jpg).

the arrow points up?

Trail sign pointing up So, now we're somewhere past the bottom of that last hill, when we come across a trail marker that points straight up... Download this photo of us wondering where, exactly, we're supposed to hike from here (8k jpg called wrong3.jpg).

a new sport?

truck tow cow After a while, we came to a deserted ranch-like place. There was a barn and some picnic tables (up-wind of the barn), so we sat and ate lunch. As we ate, we looked at the scenery, the birds (what kind had that orange striped beak, Suzanne?), and the body of a dead cow further up on the trail. Just as we were cleaning up our picnic, a guy in a pick-up truck arrived and attached a rope to the dead cow...

Download this photo of a truck towing a dead cow (7k jpg called cowtow.jpg).

Towards the end of our hike, we came across another trail marker that pointed in the opposite direction to the one we were hiking in...

going the wrong way second try at the wrong way photo
Download this photo of us walking against the trail signs (7k jpg called wrong1.jpg).
Download our second attempt to photograph ourselves walking the wrong way (6k jpg called wrong2.jpg).

We finished our hike just as the rain began to fall. We had a great time. The end.

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