Bob works?

Bob and Bill in native habitat - DO NOT FEED!
Tell me how you like my new office web-cam. (If it's night in Sunnyvale, you may only see a black square; Come back when we're out and about)  Anyway, yeah, I do work, sometimes... Last year, I finished a 3 year, 5 person project to design a spectrum analyzer. I wrote about a third of the non-DSP code. It's mostly in C++, with a little assembly stuff for the ISRs and low-level I/O stuff. I also worked with Rajeev Rohatgi and Joe Wang to finish the SR844 RF Lock-in Amplifier.
Screen shot from SR785 network analyzer

Send a note to Bob at the office. Click here to download this screen shot from our new SR785 FFT network analyzer (14k GIF). The circuit under test is a 20kHz, 3rd order Butterworth high pass filter for the SR844... As you can see, it's actually a 17.7kHz high pass, but the stop band is not too shabby at -54dB.

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