Slumber party for ten

oh, and we skied, too

We drove up Friday morning. It was snowing like crazy as we got to Royal Gorge. That means that it was cloudy and the light was bad  and I didn't get any pictures. I'm sorry. I'll try to make the weather better next time. Saturday, the sun shone and the sky was blue. I didn't get any pictures of that. By the time I thought to take the camera out, the next storm was approaching and the best I could get were shots like this. Mary and I were skiing on Razor Back. 
Back at the cabin, the serious partying began. Well, first we watched "Office Space". That's Mary, Dina (seated), Juan (prone), and Sharon (also seated). That's Peo's foot to the right. Here's Mary on Razor Back, too.
The movie was just a diversion whilst we waited for the pizza to arrive (and the pizza transporters to finish with their Truckee debauchery). After the pizza consumption we repaired to the video room to cue up "Life of Brian". But first, we had to sing a Swedish song and drink shots at the appropriate line in the song. We had to do it twice to get it on "film".
Silke, Juan, Peo, Jon, Carl, Dina, and Mary's feet are all drinking. 
As Mary and I drove away on Sunday, it was snowing heavy, wet globs. Chain control began before we reached Donner pass and traffic traveled at about 7 mph, on average. As we got to the Soda Springs turnoff, the snow let up so we stopped to ski at Royal Gorge, once again. The fact that we had already bought the (non-refundable) trail passes on Saturday, may have influenced us.

The skiing turned out to be fabulous. 6 to 10 inches had fallen that morning (after most of the trail had been groomed for the day), but the groomers were still at work. We followed the freshly groomed trail to the Wilderness Lodge and had lunch. Then we took all the other freshly groomed trails we could find before going home.

The lyrics of an infamous swedish song:

Helan gar, sjung hopp faderallan lallan lej,
helan gar, sjung hopp faderallan lej,
och den som inte helan tar han heller inte halvan far,
helan gaaaaar.....(drink large amounts of vodka).....
sjung hoppfaderallan lej!!

Phonetics (seen from a swedish/american perspective):

Hell ann gore, shjung hop father allan lallan ley,
hell ann gore, shjung hop father allan ley,
ohh denn sum inn the halvan thar, hann hell er in the halv ann fore,
hell ann gore.....(drink large amounts of vodka).....
shjung hop father allan ley!!!!!