Hunting Mushrooms in Gualala

We drove up from San Jose listening to the 49rs and the Raiders lose. Bummer. The rain was heavy, the drive was beautiful.

We arrived to a warm house full of great food and good company.

The next day, Joanne and Jennifer took most of the kids to the beach. Bart (center in picture below) took Phil, Mary, Bob and Ethan out to hunt for mushrooms.

The intrepid hunters... Three of our fearless fungus finders forage in the forest.
The picture too the right is a group of small black chanterelles growing near a shrub. These are almost too small to bother picking. Some very small black chanterelle
a nice little group of yellow foot Ethan holds a group of Yellow Foot mushrooms. 

Then, it was time to start drinking champagne. HAPPY NEW YEAR!