The Great Ski Race 2002

I have never seen so many XC skiers in a single race. 948 men, women, and children skied 30 km.
There are races larger than this one; I just haven't been in any of them.

This photo (just before the start) may give you an idea of how many people are in this race. I'm in the middle somewhere...

many, many skiers
I have never seen so many broken poles on a trail.

Thanks to for this photo

The first finished at 1:09:03.6, the last at 06:49:08.9
My results : Scroll down to 419 out of 948 overall,
I finished at 2:05:22.4
100 out of 188 in my division.

Bob's heart rate during the race

The important feature of the HR plot above, is that I let my HR get to 170 very early in the big hill (at mile 3.5) and was unable to push myself very hard after that. I hit the peak (mile 7) at 1:04:30 and began the long descent. The final pitch is very steep and my legs felt like rubber. 

So you know how, when you get in to a car accident and your neck hurts and other parts hurt and you don't even find that those other parts hurt until you're home?

Well, that's what this race was like. I crashed 3 times.

One was my own design: I slid out of the last hairpin turn and ran into a snow bank. Only, it wasn't a snow bank; It was an ice bank. Ouch, that really hurt.

The other two falls happened when other people went down either next to me or ahead of me. Either way, I fall. Ouch.

But, I had a great time. The race benefits the Tahoe Nordic Search & Rescue Team, too.