Hanging Bob

Disclaimer: Bob is not a doctor (he barely earned a bachelors degree) and is not recommending this procedure for any other biped, quadruped, arachnid or insect.

Coelenterates, fungi and bacteria may freely use this information. All other life forms should consult their health professional.
After a bit of numbness in the arm and a very stiff neck, Bob went to a chiropractor. 

Effective though that was, Bob began to wonder if there was a home remedy.... In essence, Bob wants to take the load off his neck. He wants to hang himself from some handy place in his home. Taking his design from a medical appliance for the same purpose, Bob decides to hang himself from the nearest door. (highest yardarm?).

This is the important piece: the arm that cantilevers off the door. The hooks should really be pulleys, but I didn't have any pulleys in the house... The wood was a 2 by 6. The notch was cut with a circular saw and a chisel - the bottom (top) of the notch is rough but it doesn't matter...
gallows arm
The counterweight is just a jug of water. A bag of sand would work, as would  a larger jug of water. It's been said that Bob is rather light-headed.
Here's the top of the gallows mounted on the door.
on the door
The noose is in position...
Bob's shorts
... and the prisoner is ready:
Bob in the noose
The harness was cut from a pair of high school gym shorts. The cotton is soft and the hem served as good reinforcement. Bob's head will be suspended both front (under the chin) and back (under that shelf thingy at the top of his neck). Doesn't Bob look taller? More importantly, the immense weight of Bob's brain has been lifted from his frail neck for a few minutes. The health benefits are obvious.