Washington DC 2006


Mary and Bob on the DC Metro
DC Metro
US Supreme Court Mary before  the Supreme Court
US Capitol Mary on Capitol hill.
A pipe carved in the shape of a woman.  Smokin'!
smoking pipe carved in the shape of a woman
  1. house cured olives
    a glass of prosecco with:
  2. dates, moscarpone cheese, sea salt
  3. mozzarella, citrus cucumber, fava beans, anchovies
  4. crostini, yogurt, yellow beet, something foamed
  5. spanakopita
  6. house cured mortadella, cumquats, mustard
  7. soft shell crab tempura, cuttlefish, chick pea salsa, ramps pesto
    a glass of dry bollo with
  8. ricotta mizithra balls
  9. cashew tagliatelle, fava, radish, guanciava
  10. paparadelle, baby goat ragu
    glass of montepulciano with
  11. tuna, speck, spinach, pine nuts, currants, faro
  12. lamb, peas, wax beans, mushroom
    glass of sparkling red maldiva with
  13. doughnuts (holes)
  14. wibiona, goat, blue

I found this in the Air and Space Museum. There was an exhibit showing the tools astronomers used to discover the expanding nature of the universe. I couldn't get a good photo of the equipment that Henrietta Swan Leavitt used to find the variable stars that proved to be the key to Hubble connecting distance with speed (red shift).

If I put stickers on the bumper of my car, this would be one of them.
geek bumper sticker
Kathe Kollwitz I saw several works by Kathe Kollwitz at the Women in the Arts museum. This (The Downtrodden) is one of several powerful pieces she did on the Weaver Rebellion. I don't think I was supposed ot photograph it, but I did anyway.
Interior of the National Building Museum. Words do not suffice...
Building Museum interior
No FBI tours last year No FBI tours this year
Left to right: Brenda, Mary,  Jennifer, and Bob. Sleepy all, we went for a run Sunday morning. After taking the Metro to the last stop in Arlington, we ran on the bike trails over to Roosevelt Island and the Mall.
On the DC Metro for an early morning run
Mary and Teddy Roosevelt Mary does her best Teddy pose.
Here we are at Union station looking for a place to eat breakfast. We fail miserably.

 Eventually (after returning to Arlington, showering and checking out of the hotel) we had fabulous Mexican Food at Rio Grande Cafe in Arlington.
DC Union station looking for breakfast

And now for something completely different: