Bob finds new ways to fail WIN!!!!!


Here are some photos of the last Ski-O of the season.
(thanks to Tony Pinkham for the pictures. I had to cut them down to size for the web; the originals are awesome)
oops! That's me in the left two photos starting out on the Orange course. I was trying to get to the airstrip trail on my way to the first control but I accidentally started out on a small loop so I had to stop and come back. The lower picture is me after I've pointed myself in the right direction. I came in second on the Orange course but it was just for fun since it was my second course for the day.

Below are the winners of the Ski-O 2003 refrigerator magnets. From left to right:
Bob Baylor - Green
Nancy Linderman - Orange
Kent Ohlund - Blue
(Kent beat Dan Stoll-Hadayia by 7 seconds to take the championship!)

Ah, that's better! Ski-O champs 2003

Notice how I hold my skis so that my sponsor's name is clearly visible as the din of thousands of shutters records the moment for posterity. Well, OK: Tony was the only one with a camera and I have no sponsors unless you count Mary.

Here are all my O results so far:
Where what when result excuse
Royal Gorge Ski - O Feb 3, 2002 DNF started late, got through half the course and knew I couldn't finish before 2pm (course closure time) so I came back even though I was only half way through the course.
Wilder Ranch Running - O Aug 25, 2002 DNF parallel error on the 4th control; I spent nearly an hour looking for it; Lots of poison oak; I Finally gave up on #4 and ran the rest of the course just for the practice.
Calero Running - O Nov 17, 2002 3:08:14 no excuse necessary. I had help. My sister Kathy made sure I finished this one.
Burton Creek Ski - O Jan 11, 2003 1:53:30 slow but steady, I finally finished a course on my own. whoopee! (4th)
Royal Gorge Ski - O Feb 2, 2003 MP "missed punch". Wow. I skied 30 minutes faster than anyone on the course. But, apparently, I failed to punch the last control. I don't know how. Aliens must have erased the data...
Bear Valley Ski - O March 2, 2003 1:19:26 
1st place 
BAOC Ski-O green champion. 

yes, yes, yes. yes!!!!!

This was my last chance to ski-O this season. We drove up more than 24 hours in advance and spent a day exploring the trail system - it helped!

here's the Ski-O championship web page on

yeah! Bob finally wins something!
Of course, this means I really need to move up to the Blue level course next year...

Those guys are very fast!