Another Week at the Wilderness Lodge

We've skiied quite a bit, this season. Even so, 5 straight days of on-snow time with top-notch instructors and a 3-star kitchen to fuel the fire makes for an outstanding vacation.

Early in the week (Monday?) Mary and Hope and I skied out to Devil's peak. The picture to the right is Mary and Hope skiing up Wagon Train. They're both moving in this picture: Hope is just starting a kick with her left leg and Mary is about to transfer weight to her left ski. 

We ate lunch at the warming hut and Mary and Hope watched as I skied up the horseshoe loop to the base of Devil's Peak. I'm hard to see, even with the telephoto. That's me going up on the right-hand picture. There's a little spec of yellow (my polartec vest) on top of the ridge in the left-hand photo.

Mary and hope on Wagon Train
Later in the week, (Wednesday?) I skied up Palisaide Peak before dinner to take this picture of Devil's Peak from the other side.