Bob gets imaged


Last January, while competing in a Ski-O , I got going a little too fast on Palisade hill and crashed. It was a big crash:
  • Popped a lens out of my glasses,
  • sent the clip-on sunglasses and other bits of clothing flying,
  • ripped my map holder off,
  • bruised my ribs in 4 places,
  • and lost 8 minutes putting all the equipment back together (fixing the glasses seemed to take forever).
A kind bystander helped me find my glasses...
and the lens...
and the clipons.
The Royal Gorge guy running the rope tow ran up, looked at my bloody nose, and asked if I needed the ski patrol. ("No, I need my glasses!")

I finished the race, but that 8 minutes put me down one full position (behind Kent). Dang!

Oh, yeah, and by the time I got home that evening, I couldn't raise my right arm. After a couple of months, I still had reduced ROM  so I got a referral to an orthopedist. She looked at the x-ray and pronounced a "contusion of the deltoid - Leave it alone and call me if it doesn't get better".  Come June, it still wasn't right so I got scheduled for an MRI (6 weeks later!).
Here I am in the Signa 1.5T GE behemoth. It's a pretty cool hunk of super conducting machinery.

The machine is so noisy that they give you ear plugs to ride it. Even so, it makes startlingly loud clanks and buzzes. I don't have a problem with confined spaces, so my main chore was to try to keep motionless for 15 minutes. This proved ever more difficult as I began to daydream that the sound I was hearing "clank, clank, clank, clank.... buzzzap! buzzzzap! buzzzapp!"  was actually the opening bars of a punk rock song. If only I could remember which one. Fighting back the giggles became harder and harder as the opening bars played again... and again... and again... and again.. and ... and...
I've been healing steadily over the last few monthes.

After more consultation with the orthopedist, I'm starting physical therapy next week to deal with the last little "pinches".  She said there was no tearing and only a small bone spur. If PT doesn't work, cortisone is the next step. After that, we either start cutting, or we chalk it up to old age. (ouch! Now that hurt)

This is just 6 of one series of images. There were 12 series. In all, 130 images, each with millimeter resolution. Pretty cool.

Notice the poor marbling and high proportion of connectives. I recommend braising.


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