More parts of the house have gone missing. That's a good thing.

One wall has been re-framed for two doors instead of one. Good, good...

We put a tape measure on the new rough openings to check the locations...

"Something isn't right", says Mary.  Hmmm...

After a few minutes of re-measuring we realize that the kitchen is not as long as we originally thought. We're missing about 4 inches.

The header in the foreground is for the left door; The header for the right door is harder to see.
a re-framed wall
The sunporch is now just a porch. Soon, new walls and windows will make this an office.
where did the sunporch go?
The old vent for the stove was just a teepee in the ceiling. There was no fan - just gravity and the buoyancy of warm air.
the old gravity vent
We met Mick at lunch the next day to discuss the options. We ended up rotating one full height cabinet (actually making it much larger) and narrowing the two doors to the dining room a little.

Problem solved.

It's very dark - I hope the new windows let in more light than this plywood.
plywood windows
Micky and Mary discuss the options

This is Mick's foreman, Sammy.

Micky's foreman

That afternoon we shopped for sinks and faucets at Cornelia's in Cupertino. After dinner at Helios in Cupertino, we came home to see more progress. Here's the new office area (opening covered in OSB)

sunporch framing

here's the new back door (rough opening covered in OSB)

more framing