Just another inch...


The cabinet surrounding the Murphy bed proved to be a bit more than the hall would accommodate.

Bummer for the hallway.

First try: not even close...

... several inches sticking out at both ends (living room and bathroom).

So let's enlarge (notch) the hallway. Ohhhh Kaaaayyyyy !!!
(excuse to pull out the reciprocating saw)
(that's Eddie the foreman in the red shirt asking for a pry bar)

close-up of the notch (second or third try, I don't recall).
Notice that some of the framing members still remain...

But, no joy.  :-(

see above photo:. pretty much the same...

This time (fourth? fifth?) we cut away both  studs completely through.

By the way, this means that nothing is holding up one end of the header over the door... Not a problem: the insurance is paid up, I'm pretty sure.

will it make it????

Ahhh. YES!!!

The cabinet installers wanted me to pose for this photo as evidence that I had done all the damage (they helped but I approved, so I posed).

Not to worry about the injured hallway:
I have mended the less-strong-than-a-bed studs and drywall. I would post a photo, but who wants to look at a wall with no hole in it?

I thought so.

PS: the studs were not in a "bearing" wall. The studs' only real purpose is to anchor the drywall and cement board and hold the door jam plumb. We'll see about that...

PPS: Stunt driver on a closed course. Don't try this at home, kids. Don't run with sticks. Always buckle up. Buy low, sell high. Keep the wax side down. It's not a race. Don't point that at your face. Don't cross your eyes - they might stay that way. All's fun until someone puts a potato through their arm.


Free toy:

Photo of Bob and Mary. Phil thinks we don't see him, but we do.