Habitat for Humanity

much painting and siding makes Bob a happy camper

gathering It was a beautiful Spring day as we assembled under the Tent. In the foreground (clockwise) we see Mary (eyes closed), Michael (turned away), Susie (with coffee), and Theresa (a bit too chipper, don't you think?).

Below, left is a group shot of most of the HMC volunteers (Susie had gone missing at that moment - no doubt to refill her commuter cup...). Left to right we have: 
Mary, Bob (not me; other Bob), Theresa, Michael, Frederick, Katie, and Katie's friend (an excellent volunteer, despite the fact that I didn't ge his name, I'm sure).

Below, right are the assembled volunteers receiving a safety lecture. The most important thing I learned was "don't leave tools on top of a ladder. They fall and hit people in the head. Maybe you." 

Good advice for life, I say.

HMC safety talk
Josh explains the siding crew: Tom, Rodney, Panda
So, here's the deal: 

They start calling out Tasks for the day. 

When you hear one you think you might like/be good at, you raise your hand. I raised my hand when they called out "SIDING". Well, actually, I thought I might do something else, since I had been doing siding for 3 of the last 4 Habitat projects I'd worked on. But,  they were short a person on siding, so I raised my hand.

Bob (other Bob) was not so lucky. He should have raised his hand for siding. Instead, he raised his hand for "odd jobs". This appears to be code for "we're gonna make you do things that you never thought were possible". Bob (other Bob) spent the day digging a hole to nowhere... It's possible that they pegged him (correctly) as a troublemaker and found a task that would allow them to keep an eye on him.

The photo to the right is Bob ( Robert Rossoff ) and Theresa hamming it up for the camera. Camera guys always like that sort of thing, you know?

Oh: the photo up and to the right is my "crew" (left to right: Tom, Rodney, and Panda). We sided like nobody's business. We sided like we were on fire.  Ok, we had to have Josh (photo above, left) tell us what to do, but we were siding maniacs after that. 

(Before that, we were building-paper maniacs. Building paper is what actually keeps the building dry. Siding is what keeps the building paper from harm. 

Now you know.)

Theresa and Bob
Mary, Susie, and Thersa I don't have any pictures of siding or hole digging or painting (what Susie, Theresa, and Mary volunteered for), but here Mary and Susie and Theresa are cleaning the rollers and brushes in a mucky trough of never-changed water and old paint. 

Mmmmm, good.

By the way, Michael spent the day cutting siding on a table saw with Leslie (a woman from another volunteer group: alumni of Anderson Graduate School of Business at UCLA. 

Some guys get all the sweet jobs.). 

At the end of the day, we all cleaned up, and Bob (other Bob) Theresa, Mary, and I went of to Bob and Theresa's house for cocktails and pizza.