Gualala, May 2006

"Good times, great food and warm weather"

Left to right:
Standing: Bob, Ariel, Jennifer, David, Debbie, Phil, Mary, Gary, Allison, Jeremey, Lee
Sitting: Matilda, Roxane, Joanne
Standing and licking Bob's hand: Theresa,

photo credit: Lee (and the camera timer)
Allison and Debbie by the fire
Home, sweet home...
On a run to town for ice and s'more ingredients, I happened to spy this mosaic tile work in front of a gas station in town:
Phil, David, and I took a  hike up the north fork of the Gualala. As Phil searched for a structure that may have been destroyed by last year's rains (we never found it), I noticed these tiny towers. Each was topped by a small pebble and stood an inch high. Erosion can be a funny force.
Here's my lesser attempt at the first photo. Less pixels; less lens; same great cast.