Bob Gets Dunked


Today we learned the base metal  content of Bob.

The protocol:
  • Find the weight of Bob: 140lbs
  • Find the length of Bob: 65.5 inches
  • Find the circumference of Bob's ankle: 8.5 inches
  • Find the weight of Bob submerged: 5.980 kg
    (sorry about the mixed units)

The mobile hydrostatic bodyfat tester:

Tthe tank:

Josh (the dunker):

Bob imitates a porpoise... or a  whale... or something very pale....
Bob (the dunkee) :

Fetching, eh?
The submerged weight needs to be measured with as little air in my lungs as possible. I put my head down, lay across that metal rack in the bottom of the tub, and exhaled. When Josh saw the bubbles stop, he wrote down the weight. We did this three times and Josh said the numbers agreed exactly.

Pushing the trapped air out of my swim trunks turned out to be the hardest part of the test.

And now we know that Bob is composed of:
  • 14% fat.
  • 86% "other stuff"