Biathlon 2005

10th Mountain Division race at Auburn Ski Club


Here's my heart rate during the race. It's pretty much what I had planned on. A longer, harder warm-up would have been better, of course.

heart rate
This is the third time I've skied this race. The format has been different each year. This year, we skied a 2k loop 3 times:
  • ski 2k,
  • shoot 5 shots standing,
  • ski penalty loop (once for each missed shot),
  • ski 2k,
  • shoot prone,
  • ski penalty loops
  • ski 2k
  • (finish).

The targets were set at 50 meters. Bob is not a good shot.  Out of 10 shots, I skied the penalty loop ... yes, you guessed it: 10 times. I missed every one of my targets, but I did hit one on the lane next to mine. (no, you don't get credit for hitting someone else's target - fortunately, there was no one shooting on that lane at the time)

Go see my results at the Far West Nordic web site.

Or don't. Here's my position in the race. I'm only 33% behind the winners - a very good race, for Bob.

Also, I beat Louise.