Alpenglow 20k Freestyle 2005

The Alpenglow 20k freestyle (skating allowed) race was originally scheduled to run a few weeks earlier (January 9). It was postponed... Due to SNOW. OK, it was a total blizzard. CalTrans was closing the freeway over Donner Summit and it would have been a horrible day to skate.

So, anyway, we had the race a few weeks later (February 13) and I'll spare you the worst of the details - here's what's left:

  • My skis were fast - no excuse there.
  • I stayed on-plan by following women on the first uphill (instead of blowing by and running out of gas later)
  • I skied a hard race and I was actually in front of my nemesis (Louise, see below) until I planted a pole inside one ski and went tumbling down.

Yes, that's me crossing the finish line with an exhausted V2 skate.

Happy to be alive... even though I lost to Louise Wholey, AGAIN!!!
(she's facing the camera in a red ski suit wearing bib 238)

On the plus side: I beat my fellow Lone Clone cabin mate, Derrick. That's him wear bib #230. Whoooo heeee!

And now the awful truth is clear: Derrick and I were both beaten by these two skiers with combined age of around 120 or 130.

Thanks to Mary for all the photos.
The results at

Postscript: I finally beat Louise at the 10th Mountain Division Biathlon at Auburn Ski Club.

Yes, yes yes yes yes. Victory is sweet.